Developing efficient solutions for complex systems requires an understanding of both hardware and software development. Often, hardware can be reduced and costs saved with the proper software planning at the hardware design stage. This is why we review each project from the start with an expert perspective on the software implications.

Embedded Systems

In addition to designing electronics hardware, we have extensive background in embedded programming for AVR, AVR32, 8051, Motorolla, ARM, and EnergyMicro. Many of our applications are used for industrial and medical sensor systems where control reliability is paramount.

Forensic Image Analysis

Suprock Technologies develops commercial image analysis software called Rigour which is available to qualified buyers. Rigour was developed in partnership with Downey Image Analysis in Erie, PA. The software is designed for bulk processing of author submitted images in the academic publishing environment.

Detecting professional image edits.

Android App Development

Suprock Technologies has experience with the Android development environment to produce Apps for sensor systems such as our variable geometry turbocharger controller.

Android turbo commander app.