Suprock Technologies can help you design a custom sensor system for any application. We have an extensive library of previous designs and can apply our skills to build a custom sensor system. We can build both the mechanical and electrical components for the sensor system. We build industrial sensors for machine tool monitoring applications such as Caron Engineering TMAC-MP. Our special skills include experience with silicon strain gages, MEMs accelerometers, thermocouples, RTDs & NTCs.

Manufacturing Process Sensors

We design and build sensors for monitoring a diverse variety of industrial processes and stimulus. We develop custom hardware for process control and diagnostic testing. Our largest projects include wireless telemetry for power generation while our smallest devices can be found tracking the health of 0.004" swiss machining drill sets.

USB sensors.
Custom strain transducer fabrication.
Piezoelectric accelerometer transmitter.

Automotive Sensors

We specialize in development of automotive control systems for variable geometry turbocharger actuation. This includes shaft speed sensing, pressure sensing, airflow, and temperature sensing at high data rates for high bandwidth control feedback and real time estimation of turbocharger performance.

Turbo Commander
Improved turbocharger performance.

Medical Device Sensors

Suprock Technologies is capable of prototyping and arranging manufacturing for the electrical designs we produce. We can coordinate professional assembly for the designs we create. Furthermore, we can furnish customers with full build files and BOM ready for manufacturing.

With design and fabrication, we offer full turn-key design / prototype / build services to meet your specifications.

Sensor test fitment skull cap.
Intracranial pressure sensor board.