We work closely with the power generation industry to provide new technologies for data acquisition and plant diagnostics. We have invested heavily in our research and development capabilities for steam turbine applications. We provide external R&D services for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Our work has resulted in commercialized industry-wide solutions such as the Turbine Dynamics Monitoring System (TDMS).

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The Turbine Dynamics Monitoring System (TDMS) is a powerful on-rotor diagnostic tool that provides in-depth data about torsional and lateral rotor dynamics. This information is used to determine risk levels from mode resonance in the rotor train driven by excitations such as 120/100Hz generator negative sequence currents. Furthermore, the data is essential to validate FEA dynamic models of the rotor system.

Addressing insurer concerns and managing turbine dynamics risk has never been easier. The TDMS offers on-rotor longevity for extended tests as well as turn-key installation and removal.

TDMS components.
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On-Rotor Capabilities

Suprock Tech has proven hardware that can withstand high accelerations for continuous operation. Our TDMS system operates indefinitely at 4,500-5,000 gees (44,145-49,050 m/s2).

Our ongoing development applications have proven our telemetry survival and operation at 22,500 gees (220,725 m/s2) and we are exploring applications at 35,000 gees (343,350 m/s2).

We have achieved these capabilities without on-rotor welding or microstructural modification. By combining knowledge of electronics fabrication and expertise in materials technology we are setting a higher standard for non-invasive rotor telemetry.

With these advancements, a new frontier of data is available to engineers at previously inaccessible speeds and radii.

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Extreme Environment

Suprock Technologies produces sensors for extreme environments including high temperature strain gage applications. We have developed methods of sensing strain at high temperatures using sensors with high gage factors that do not suffer from the environmental issues that affect wire and capacitive gage types.