Mechanical engineering design is a key area of expertise for our team. We will give your project or product an advantage by applying options for new materials, unique design, and quality prototyping. Our experience with material fabrication enables us to suggest higher performing solutions.

Cutting Tool Engineering

Suprock Technologies can create a custom tool holder or cutting tool design to embed our sensor technologies or to improve the stiffness and damping. We also build composite tool holders for special applications. One specialty is building tool holders that are lighter than aluminum but stiffer than steel. We have created cutting tools with an elastic modulus >300GPa and density <2g/cc.

We have additional skills with advanced composite assembly and custom materials fabrication of mixed mode materials such as sandwich core. We also have expertise with bonded joint technologies.

Composite cutting tool holder
Composite boring bar

Advanced Materials

Suprock Technologies can produce custom materials to meet the requirements of customer designs. If a material does not exist, we can create it. Our materials abilities span custom cored material to high temperature composites that can tolerate 2000C service temperature.

We sell our Aerocore carbon fiber composite material retail and through distributors.

Our Aerocore composites can also be manufactured with advanced electromagnetic shielding. Our techniques incorporate advanced EMI shielding into a composite structure. This saves weight and increases product performance.

Suprock Technologies fabricates light weight composite components for heat transfer with embedded micro heat pipes or vapor chambers. These technologies are applicable in aerospace applications where cooling is critical and weight savings is demanded.

Composite avionics heat spreader
Advacned EMI shielding composite materials.
Cored composites with EMI layers.
Honeycomb composite grand piano sound board.


We have experience designing automotive components for extreme conditions including turbocharger mechanical components.

Understanding and engineering rotating components for high performance requires strong knowledge of both the theoretical physics and reality of application demands.

VGT turbocharger design.
VGT turbocharger analysis.
VGT turbocharger vane