Electrical engineering is one of the core competencies of our team. Our projects are complimented by a strong electrical design skill set whether it is for sensing, power, or control.

Circuit Design

Our circuit design and analysis expertise includes digital, analog, strain gage specific circuitry, and wireless power systems. We provide schematic preparation, circuit analysis, circuit design, and circuit prototyping services. Coupled with our board hardware design, we provide full turn-key electronics R&D service.

Our experience is your advantage whether you require full circuit schematic development for a new project, or technical analysis to improve an existing circuit.

PCB Design

Suprock Technologies offers full PCB design services. Advanced design tools such as Altium Designer and SpaceClaim enable seamless integration with mechanical CAD and component fitment. We specialize in high technology designs with small board sizes and designing mission critical PCBs for space constrained applications.

PCB design.
Product test jig.
Flat flex strain gage telemetry.

Embedded Systems

In addition to designing electronics hardware, we have extensive background in embedded programming for AVR, AVR32, 8051, Motorolla, and EnergyMicro.

We have product development expertise using single board computer systems to enable complex control and IO applications.

USB dongle prototype.

Wireless Power

We have development experience creating products that leverage wireless power transfer technologies. Both resonant induction and RF based power solutions are in our area of expertise.

Our resonant induction wireless power transfer was developed for manufacturing environments with rotating tools, where batteries were not acceptable to tolerate the high acceleration and continuous run time. We have solved difficult problems with resonant induction such as transmitting power in the proximity of large steel structures. Additionally, our power transmitters are efficient- up to 25% efficiency can be achieved under real-world conditions and significant distances!

Our RF power transfer solutions operate in the 900MHz ISM band and can achieve significant transmission distances for continuously powering telemetry hardware.

Resonant magnetic transmitter
900MHz power transmitter.
900MHz Powered Telemetry.

RF Circuit Design

Suprock Technologies produces RF circuits for telemetry data and excitation. Our expertise in the area of RF system design is leveraged to produce optimized wireless telemetry systems that perform in a variety of demanding environments. We have experience in power amplification, RF protection circuitry, power modulation, and RF PCB design. We retain equipment and personnel trained in RF circuit analysis and development.

RF Antenna Design

Our special skills include antenna design for extreme environments - up to 30,000g static acceleration implementations have been deployed. Suprock Technologies is the only firm that produces effective antennas that perform in the combination of high acceleration, high temperature, and dirty environments. We produce antennas in house for all of our telemetry and RF power transfer applications.