We are an inventive engineering firm developing and commercializing advanced technical products. The company was founded in 2007 based on the principle that engineering is both a science and artistic passion. Our mission is to serve our customers with optimal engineering design solutions.

Portrait of Chris Suprock

Christopher Suprock, PhD

Mechanical Engineering Manager

I wanted to be an inventor since I could write. I have a list from 1995 of my life priorities and "invent things" is right at the top. I started building mechanical and electrical devices throughout grade school and high school. In college my projects were focusing a lot on industrial CNC process feedback. I wrote a lot of academic publications in machine tool monitoring starting in 2003. In 2007 I founded Suprock Technologies to commercialize image fraud detection software called Rigour, which automatically detects Photoshop edits in digital pictures. Academic and scientific journal publishers use this software to bulk screen author submissions for unwanted edits. During graduate school, I developed wireless sensor systems for machining operations to monitor the torque, temp, and acceleration from end milling tool holders. This project evolved into an industrial collaboration with several machining companies. Today, we design electromechanical hardware and sensors for a variety of industries.

Out of all the engineering designs, materials, and systems that I have worked on, I would say that I am most proud of building my company from the ground up... It allows me to work on new and novel engineering problems constantly and I get to apply creativity on every project. My company is the source of the problem solving engineering work that I am passionate about.

Portrait of Jeff Nichols

Jeff Nichols, MS ECE

Electrical Engineering Manager
Embedded Systems Specialist

The biggest single driving force in shaping my technical background was competing in RoboCupJunior for several years during junior high and high school. The autonomous robotic soccer competition gave me experience in mechanics, electronics, and software, and most importantly trouble shooting. The experience helped me to discover my love of electronics and redirected me from programming into my eventual area of study of computer engineering.

The most rewarding, as well as the most challenging, thing that I have built over the years has been the USB software that I use in nearly all of our electronic devices. It provides easy and seamless driver installation for our end users, while also facilitating rapid product development by allowing comprehensive hardware testing. It also eliminated the need for any specialized programming hardware in the field by providing a mechanism for updating firmware through USB.

Portrait of Joanna Suprock

Joanna Suprock

Business Services Director

Maintaining organization and efficiency through the effective management of business operational activities.

Portrait of Joe Christian

Joe Christian

Lead Fabricator & Chemistry Technician

Joe has a chemistry background alongside proficiencies in machine tools and fabrication. He has had experience with national labs, machine technology, and CNC.

Portrait of Tony Lagrutta

Francesco Lagrutta

External Sales Manager

Francesco has hardware application skills and is fluent in several languages including Italian and Spanish. Francesco also has a background in automotive dynamics.

Portrait of Joe Christian

Mike Martin

Fabricator & Technician

Mike has extensive background in welding and fabrication. Originally hailing from Northern Maine, he prefers to spend his spare time in the outdoors.